Graduate Diploma in Business Management

Program Outline and Objectives

TIIKM Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management offered by The Institute of Management of Sri Lanka (IMSL) prepares students to become successful business leaders who can thrive in the complex business world. The Institute of Management of Sri Lanka (IMSL) is the national apex body in the field of professional management in Sri Lanka, dedicated to promoting professional management in the country. IMSL was inaugurated on 31st July 1986 and was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 67 on 17th December 1988. Today, IMSL is a full member of the Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO), as Sri Lanka’s sole representative in AAMO.

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is an entity that facilitates the purpose of a knowledge-driven and educationally empowered sustainable future for humankind by constructing the career of the research fraternity, empowering decisionmaking in the corporate sector, and promoting quality decisions for policymakers through connected and integrated ground-breaking solutions. Students who successfully finish the Graduate Diploma in Business Management may progress to the next stage of our postgraduate diploma program. A final-level Post Graduate diploma in business management is the next step. Following this, you must finish two more diplomas to obtain the postgraduate diploma in business management.

Graduate Diploma In Business Management Course Content

• Operation Management - 6 Credits
• Digital Business Strategy - 6 Credits
• Financial Management- 6 Credits
• Business Intelligence - 6 Credits
• Ethics & Emotional Intelligence - 6 Credits

Entry Requirements

•Complete EDBM
•Any other Diploma (overall should have 60 credits) + 2-year work experience
•Any other similar to the above qualifications accepted by the BOS of IMSL

Program Delivery Mode

Full Online

•All lecture videos and lecture materials will be uploaded to LMS (Learning Management
•Your lecturer will provide regular opportunities for you to ask questions and request

Program Delivery Medium



National and International Recognize Certificate (Sri Lanka parliament approved)

Total Credits

30 Credits


Full Weekends
(Especially On Saturdays)


6 Months

Program Fee


•Instalment payments are available
•There is no registration fee and Exam fee