Accreditation of Foreign Management Qualifications

Accreditation of Foreign Management Qualifications by Institute of Management Sri Lanka (IMSL)

IMSL was inaugurated on 31stJuly 1986 and was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 67 on 17thDecember 1988, and as the national apex body for management, it has set up criteria to evaluate and accredit all foreign management qualifications offered in Sri Lanka equivalentfrom level 3 to level 11 of SLQF. This initiative has been taken by the IMSL Council to maintain the quality of management education in the country. Further, this initiative intends to benchmark the standards of foreign management qualifications delivered in Sri Lanka.  Please note that the accreditation is purely based on merit basis and therefore, we hereby request any interested higher education institute to make use of this opportunity.

Once your institute has been evaluated after a comprehensive audit carried out by a review panel appointed by the IMSL and if all criteria are successfully met, the IMSL will accredit the particular management program and thereafter the   institute can use IMSL Accredited Logo in its promotional materials for the accredited program (See Appendix 1 for Steps of Accreditation Process). Further, several benefits will be provided by IMSL with minimal cost for the accredited program (See Appendix 02 for list of benefits).

If any higher education institute is willing to make use of this opportunity, kindly fill the attached form (See Appendix 03 for Preliminary Application Form) and submit it to the IMSL for consideration.  Once submitted, the education sub-committee of the IMSL will peruse your application and, if satisfied with the furnished documents, notify respective authorities to sign an agreement after completing institutional review by the independent audit team appointed by the IMSL Council. Please note that the accreditation fee per program is LKR 525,000/- inclusive of all costs except fee of interim audit (See Appendix 04).

Evaluation criteria (See Appendix 05) is also attached herewith for your perusal. Should you need any further clarifications kindly contact Secretary – IMSL on 0712434462 or IMSL office on 0112669385. 

Best Wishes 
Piyal Pathmanatha Secretary IMSL